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Work Package A-1: Macroscale features of the orebodies

This work package concerns mine-scale characteristics of chromite ores at Thaba mine, including the LG and MG layers (reefs). The macro-scale information and data are the basis for all detailed studies, so this work package serves a central function for the project as a whole. Spatially distributed samples from open pit, exploration trenches and diamond drill holes will provide a 3D coverage for the distinction of reef types in surficial (oxidized) to deep unweathered (primary) levels.

Main partners:
HZDR, Mintek, Cronimet Chrome Mining SA

Tools and methods:
GIS-based data compilations from existing mine maps and core logs, and from project field work and sampling campaigns.

The goal is a detailed characterization of chromite layers in 3D, taking into account variations in mineralogy, grade and thickness, as well as the effects of surface weathering in the different reefs exploited. Variations at the macro and the micro scales are addressed in work packages A-1 and A-2, respectively.

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